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Perfect storm for sunken Solidere shares

in English/أعمال وأسواق مالية

The economic slowdown, a slump in property prices, lucrative interest rates on deposits and a shortage of liquidity in the stock exchange have all contributed to the decline of Solidere shares to record lows in the past two weeks, brokers said Friday. “Real-estate giant Solidere has apparently been negatively affected by the wide range of…

High demand for Solidere shares despite situation

in English/إقتصاد عام

Over $25 million worth of Solidere A and B shares changed hands Thursday and Friday on Beirut Stock Exchange despite the gloomy political picture in Lebanon as a result of the failure to form a national unity Cabinet. Thursday, $13,452,315 of Solidere B shares changed hands at $6.68 per share, an increase of 3.24 percent…

Solidere shares surge on Cabinet hope

in English/أعمال وأسواق مالية

News that Lebanon’s Cabinet formation is imminent has reflected positively on the performance of Solidere shares, which jumped by an average of more than 17 percent in the past two days. Solidere A and B shares rose by 6.48 percent and 5.84 percent respectively Wednesday compared to an increase of 11.57 percent for A and…

Market downturn deals blow to Solidere bottom line

in English/أعمال وأسواق مالية

The real estate giant Solidere recorded a loss close to $117 million in 2017 due to a drop in property sales. According to the audited financial statement of auditing firm Deloitte, Solidere reversed the net profit it made in 2016 with an astonishing loss of $116.4 million last year. “Soldiere’s audited financial statements for 2017…

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